Messages from the Spirit Project

The CD...Get your physical copy of this project right here.

The Book…A book with stories of eight amazing women, PLUS art and music customized to inspire and convey hope for young adult women. Imagine a book uplifting and empowering all who have prevailed through challenging situations in life. So many emotions and so much hope – all packaged together. Open your eyes and hearts to Messages from The Spirit – a follow up for Messages From The Heart and also a multimedia experience capturing deep expressive feelings, releasing miraculous strength to hope. Let your heart speak to your spirit. This is Messages From The Spirit.

The Messengers…Sheree Brown gathered a group of young adult women with different challenges, but similar experiences that are very present in the lives of people today. We thank them for giving a window into their lives and strengths. It is their spirit of hope and determination in the midst of those challenges – that will uplift the spirit as you read Messages From The Spirit.

The Artwork…The accompanying book “Messages  From The Spirit” also features art by the internationally acclaimed artist Charles Bibb.  His work featured in museums, galleries, organizations and homes of many collectors, displays a deep sense of spirituality, majesty, dignity, strength and grace; a perfect marriage with the new project by Sheree Brown. Bibbs’ work is done in a combination of realistic and larger than life interpretations of contemporary subjects which are ethnically rooted. Sheree and Charles spent a year collaborating for this effort.

The Music… Songs that trigger compassion, peace and happiness quenches the drought of these troubling times and takes us to a place of renewal and rejuvenation, Messages From The Spirit…The Collective, offers that sparkling refreshment. The tunes and stories celebrate victory of the spirit and whose stories are told of women who overcame their challenges.  

Former Capitol Recording Artist, Sheree Brown, has once again shared her immense talent with this new project, Messages From The Spirit, the book and Messages From The Spirit…The Collective, a stellar collection of uplifting songs focusing on love of self, love of family and community, and love of humanity.

Naming inspirational works like Gil Scott Heron’s Pieces of A Man, Minnie Riperton’s Come To My Garden, Earth, Wind and Fire’s That’s the Way of The World and so many more… Sheree concluded that, “These were albums that ushered me into my young adult years and inspired me...Songs of love and socially conscious issues; still relevant today. Listening to thought provoking lyrics...Bathing in it...Taking it in... a timeless adventure...remembering...and wanting to capture the same kind of vibe in this, my latest musical effort, Messages From The Spirit...The Collective..."

This distinctive and timely project includes a song with her long-time collaborator, Grammy nominated singer, songwriter, composer, Patrice Rushen, titled, I Choose Love along with its world premiere video release, directed and filmed by Lance Bernard Mitchell. The album was intentionally released March 5, 2021 ahead of the book release and in honor of three legendary figures that inspired Sheree during her young adult years, helping in building her musical foundation...Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, and the late Minnie Riperton. The album garnered a #1 song, "Take A Walk With Love" on the UK Soul Charts.

"…We created a kaleidoscope of colorful music brightening the lives of all of us ready to come out of this pandemic and fix these social injustices...prophetic...Dedicated to the true stories of young adult women overcoming life changes...Stories leaving a message of hope giving birth to spirited flight, encouraging mindfulness and allowing us to soar above the madness and sadness, finding joy as we continue to live...and to love...Welcome to my (the) Messages From The Spirit Project along with its music, Messages From The Spirit...The Collective!"