Sheree Brown is an artist and a brand, she is a multi-media experience whose music and projects inspires, educates, uplift and touch the hearts of those across generations, lifestyles, and cultures. She is a singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and teacher. Sheree began her career as a rhythm and blues and pop recording artist on the Capitol Records label in the early eighties. While on the label, she wrote and played guitar on all of the songs for her two albums Straight Ahead and The Music. They have both been re-released. Both of these albums have been digitally re-mastered on CDs. This re-release is giving Sheree another opportunity to reach out and share positive inspiration through her music.


“I would file Sheree’s work alongside the likes of Bill Withers or Carole King. One day mainstream pundits will rise from the unconsciousness they seem to drift in and out of, and herald the likes of Sheree and her kind as being the bedrock which today’s music was laid out, planned and constructed upon.”

- Toby Walker of SoulWalking


Sheree has performed a one-woman show in Germany, Egypt, Israel and Italy. She co-wrote the first House of Blues “School House Tour” program that had a two year run at the famed Hollywood House of Blues. Additionally, she has been a guest host for the popular weekly Gospel Brunch at the same venue, and received an Emmy® Award nomination for co-producing a public service announcement and music video that promoted youth against violence and self-esteem.

Sheree has achieved gold and platinum record status over the years for songs that she has written or co-written for various artists, including Kirk Franklin’s hit “Looking for You”, a #1 gospel hit. She is a multiple ASCAP Award winning recipient and has written for such artists as Grammy nominated composer and musician Patrice Rushen (Haven’t You Heard and Settle For My Love) and Zhane (Groove Thang). She has co-written, recorded and published close to 100 songs, including songs for the acclaimed movie, Hollywood Shuffle.

Sheree has co-authored a children’s book, Zhakanaka The Word. This highly acclaimed book is a part of a national peace campaign that focuses on self-esteem, literacy, and anti-bullying. Coming off of the success of her European tour, she is releasing her new project Messages From The Heart, a highly anticipated concept project that includes a book and music CD.

Taylor Guitar endorses Sheree Brown.



Saravels, LLC was founded by Sheree Brown and her husband, Douglass Johnson, Sr in 2002. Saravels LLC is a joint venture that brings together talented and gifted artists who’s music and entertainment is designed to entertain, educate, enliven and inspire a wide range audience, while meeting the highest quality of musicianship.


about-usSaravels, LLC currently houses Brown Baby Entertainment Group (BBEG), Sarah Revels Books, the Zhakanaka Project, the Messages From The Heart project, and the Haiti Support Project.

Brown Baby Entertainment Group (BBEG) is a division of Saravels, LLC that distributes all of the musical projects that Saravels produces. Currently its catalogue consists of Sheree Brown’s independent projects, ’83, SBPR, Zhakanaka The Word, Sheree Brown’s Capitol Records re-released on CD, Straight Ahead and The Music, the new Messages From The Heart, and the forthcoming Zhakanaka Presents We Can Change The World.

Sarah Revels Books is the book publishing arm of Saravels, LLC. It has published Zhakanaka The Word and recently, Messages From The Heart. The second of the Zhakanaka trilogy, Zhakanaka The Truth, is currently under production.


Haiti Support Project

Part of the proceeds from purchases of the “Straight Ahead” and “The Music” CDs, along with the upcoming “Messages From The Heart” CD, will be donated by Sheree Brown and Saravels, LLC to Espoir d’Enfants (translated “children’s hope”), a children’s orphanage in Haiti’s Port-au-Prince. Proceeds will also go towards the support project of The Center for Research and Psycho-social Interventions at the State University of Haiti.

“One morning I was reading our local newspaper, the Los Angeles Times. There was an article about some of the mothers and fathers in Haiti who had given their children away to orphanages. They had done it temporarily until they could get back on their feet after the devastating earthquake that hit their country on January 12, 2013. It was a means of survival for their children; the only way that they could make sure that they had food to eat, clothes and shoes to wear, and a way to go to school.

I was so heart struck because they told of how the children pleaded with their parents not to send them away. They didn’t care about food or clothes. They just wanted to be with their families. I thought of, as a mother, having to send my children away because I knew that this was the only way that they would be taken care of amidst extreme conditions. I thought of the pain that my actions would cause because I was thinking about them more then myself. Then I began to cry and I knew that I had to do something to contribute to the cause of making their lives better.

I soon afterward heard about another project involving the Fuller Seminar School of Psychology and the Faculty of Human Sciences at the State University of Haiti. They are developing a Center for Psycho-Social intervention and psychological research that will further support the psycho-social needs of the Haitian community.

The January 12th earthquake was the worst human disaster in the Western hemisphere. The trauma created a tremendous impact on the mental health community in Haiti and the country presently lacks mental health professionals. Every CD that you buy will contribute to the cause of making this community’s lives better. Thank you for joining me in this endeavor my friends…for your gift of giving.”